Peak Left Ventricular Vent

The Peak Left Ventricular Vent from Surge Cardiovascular sets the standard in cavity drainage and navigation. The Peak LVV has a malleable introducer that allows the cannula to be shaped for easier insertion and placement. It also has an open distal tip and multiple elliptical side ports for optimal ventricular drainage.

The Peak line is offered in three diameters (16Fr, 18Fr, and 20Fr) to accommodate various patient sizes and surgical preferences.


LVV-016SPEAK-LVV Cannula, 16Fr, 20
LVV-018SPEAK-LVV Cannula, 18Fr, 20
LVV-020SPEAK-LVV Cannula, 20Fr, 20

Blow Mister

The Soft Tip Blow Mister from Surge Cardiovascular allows the user to accurately control flow and easily customize the wand angle for usage. The Blow Mister comes pre-connected with an 8-foot tubing set that includes both fluid and CO2 lines with an inline filter.


BLM-22150Blow Mister Set, 5

Cardiac Suction Handles and Adapter Devices

Surge Cardiovascular offers a full line of suction handles to be used in cardiac surgery. These styles include a standard-size rigid suction handle with fluted tip; a mini-size rigid suction handle with soft tip; and a flexible suction body with fluted tip. Surge Cardiovascular offers suction adapters that help prevent backflow and allow for direct suction connection to closed wound systems.


SUC-0840SFlexible, Fluted Tip, 1/4” Connector, 14.5” Length, 20
SUC-4300SFluted Tip, 1/4” Connector, 13” Length, 20
SUC-4991SMini, Soft Tip with Side Ports, 1/4” Connector, 9” Length, 20
CCFDSA01Direct Suction Adapter, 20
SSD-100ASSuction Safety Device (Vent Valve), 20