Alpine Femoral Venous Cannula

The ALPINE Femoral Venous Cannula by Surge Cardiovascular sets the standard for ease of insertion, flow, and sizing. The ALPINE is designed with a tapered distal tip and extended introducer to provide smooth insertion into the femoral vein and navigation up to the SVC. Strategically placed multiple reinforced drainage baskets provide optimal drainage from the SVC, right atrium, and IVC. The Elast-Eon material with full-wire reinforcements provide durability during use. The ALPINE Femoral Venous Cannula is available in five sizes to accommodate patient sizes and surgical preferences.


FEM-V1020ALPINE-Femoral Venous Cannula, 20Fr, 1
FEM-V1022ALPINE-Femoral Venous Cannula, 22Fr, 1
FEM-V1024ALPINE-Femoral Venous Cannula, 24Fr, 1
FEM-V1026ALPINE-Femoral Venous Cannula, 26Fr, 1
FEM-V1028ALPINE-Femoral Venous Cannula, 28Fr, 1