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As part of our ongoing commitment to improving Surge Cardiovascular customer experiences, we’re pleased to roll out a completely retooled online presence. Please take a look around to discover our portfolio of new technologies and well-recognized designs that deliver clinically impactful cardiac surgery solutions.  See something you are interested in? Contact us for more information […]

Blood Flow Rates in Femoral Catheters

ALPINE Femoral Venous Catheter

Every patient responds differently to cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and has unique requirements depending on their body composition. One thing that cannot be compromised during CPB is blood flow. Adequate blood flow during cardiopulmonary bypass is extremely important to maintaining optimal perfusion during surgery and to help prevent post-operative complications such as brain injury. A 2015 […]

Reduce The Potential For Tissue Damage With The Surge PEAK Left Heart Vent Cannula

PEAK Left Ventricular Vent

Cardiothoracic surgeons know the complications that can arise while venting the left heart during cardiopulmonary bypass. One of the common risks while inserting the cannula is tissue damage. Tissue damage and/or perforation can result in further complications during the healing process or even surgical intervention for repair. Read More

ALPINE Femoral Venous Cannulation Via Percutaneous Insertion

ALPINE Femoral Venous Catheter

Minimally invasive valve surgery is a rapidly growing field that, in many situations, is outpacing open techniques. These minimally invasive approaches, in addition to re-do cardiac operations and ECMO, require femoral venous cannulation. The type of cannulae surgeons insert and the method in which they do it (cutdown versus percutaneous) can make all the difference […]

Just How Important a Clean Surgical Field Can Be

Blow Mister

Coronary blood flow frequently compromises a clear view of the opened coronary vessel. Visibility is crucial during coronary suturing and throughout cardiovascular procedures. Two features are important during off-pump surgery, proper visualization of the anastomosis site regarding blood flow and prevention of endothelial damage. A bloodless surgical field can be created by using humidified carbon […]

SBA Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year

Small Business

Surge Cardiovascular is proud to be a part of Alliant Healthcare Enterprises LLC in accepting the SBA Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year Award. The award was presented at Michigan State University, Breslin Center, 2 weeks ago to C.E.O and Owner, Bob Taylor, on behalf of the company. Bob stated in response to the […]

The Importance of Quality in Peripheral Catheter Insertion

ALPINE Femoral Venous Catheter

Peripheral vascular catheter-related infections are concerns of healthcare professionals when accessing the patient blood path operating in cardiovascular surgeries. There are many complications that can arise when doing peripheral insertions including catheter fragmentation resulting in a guidewire embolism, hemorrhages, thrombosis and central line associated bloodstream infection. These and many more complications are concerns which healthcare […]