Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannula

Extended Length Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannula: Product Solutions For Minimally Invasive Techniques

The most widely used method of delivering cardioplegia to the myocardium is via antegrade cardioplegia cannulae. Minimally invasive techniques, with ...
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Blow Mister

Just How Important a Clean Surgical Field Can Be

Coronary blood flow frequently compromises a clear view of the opened coronary vessel. Visibility is crucial during coronary suturing and ...
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Small Business

SBA Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year

Surge Cardiovascular is proud to be a part of Alliant Healthcare Enterprises LLC in accepting the SBA Veteran Owned Small ...
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ALPINE Femoral Venous Catheter

The Importance of Quality in Peripheral Catheter Insertion

Peripheral vascular catheter-related infections are concerns of healthcare professionals when accessing the patient blood path operating in cardiovascular surgeries. There ...
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Surge Surgery Photo

Cold-Hearted Heart

“You are cold hearted,” is taking on a whole new meaning. On July 11, 2018, Pakistani driver Mohamed Riaz was ...
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